Advanced Capabilities

Advanced capabilities include, match fitting, flow grinding and leakage testing both AIR, OIL and VACUUM for spools and sleeves, flat lapping, OD and ID cylindrical lapping, concave and convex lapping and spherical lapping to finish a variety of complex geometries including challenging features such as shoulders, recesses and other critical surfaces.

Advanced Capabilities


Precision techniques combined with specially designed equipment enable us to achieve match fitting of spools and sleeves down to .00002 clearances. Whereas, combining the upsides of mechanical practice with high-tech specialization. We are a significant reality in the field, offering state-of-the-art items and administrations. The adaptability of our organization's design permits us to begin dealing with single parts and models up to large-scale manufacturing. Lean Methodology, incorporated with productive administration models, is applied day by day to our functioning stages. This severe technique assists us with killing waste and enhancing creation productivity.


State of art and customer build testing equipment allows us to test (OIL or AIR) servo valves, spools, and sleeves for different leakage, pressure, and time Parameters. Here at Orbit grinding tools are utilized widely in industry and manual exchanges for treating surfaces and for isolating and cutting articles. Since a break or disappointment of the grinding tools can introduce an extreme risk to individuals and apparatus because of the great degrees of energy delivered, elevated requirements are set on the mechanical and breaking strength of grinding tools in the suitable American safety and quality standards. The test lab for grinding tools directs the essential safety and precaution tests on numerous kinds and sizes of grinding tools and other rotating tools.


Precision techniques combined with specially designed equipment enable us to achieve flatness and parallelism in the range of 2 micro inches. Flat Lapping is an accuracy cycle or mix of cycles used to give evenness, parallelism, size, and surface completions to incredibly requesting resistances. The cycle is an assembling technique that utilizes particles of a grating material to eliminate stock from a surface. Flat lapping utilizes a mix of lapping cycles to zero in on a final result that has unrivalled levelness, evenness, size, and surface completion.


Cylindrical surfaces, both internal and external, can be precision lapped to millionths of an inch accuracy for size, straightness, roundness, concentricity, and to your specified finish. This Lapping is a two-movement (pivot and response), low strain, grating machining process which uses a lapping instrument alongside a rough in a compound structure. The lapping system brings about stock expulsion going from a couple of Microns to a few Tenths of a millimeter. Any ideal surface completion can be accomplished.


Gaps and slots, either closed or open ended, are given dimensionally accurate finishes with our superior precision grinding and lapping—far superior to those attainable with machining operations.


Our precision lapping services work well for base metal or wear coating counter bores where flatness and finish are key
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